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Mike's Ugly Spoon - By Tim Mead - Tim didn't like the look of the Ugly spoon that his fishing buddy, Mike Quinn was fishing with at Phelps Lake.  Tim, however soon came to the respect the ugly as it was out fishing everything else.  In this case, beauty is only paint deep.

Musky and Pike Tools Everyone Needs - By Tim Mead - Here are the tools that every tacklebox should have, regardless of the species you fish for.  If you don't have them, get them!

Pike Fascination - By Tim Mead - Tim discusses his initial love for pike fishing and how it as grown over the years.

How Big Should Your Pike and Musky Lures Be? - By Tim Mead - There are always arguments among fishermen as to how big a bait you should be throwing for muskies.   Tim Mead brings in some scientific evidence into to discussion in this article.

Izaak Walton On Pike - By Tim Mead - Pike anglers haven't changed much in hundreds of years.  Tim Mead extracts information from Izaak Walton's book the Compleat Angler that was published back in 1653.    It is interesting to see what is the same and what perceptions have changed in the last 360 years.   An historical article that still has credence.

Trolling for Muskies - By Tim Mead - This article deals with the subject of trolling, although directed at muskies it can be valuable for any specie when trolling.  Tim discusses in detail the contributions of Homer LeBlance, aka Mr. Muskie.  Homer's legacy continues with some of the top musky fishermen in the country.  A good article, well worth the read.

Post Spawn Muskies - By Tim Mead - Tim discusses past experiences as well as techniques and strategies for catching post spawn muskies.   The article is easy reading filled with Tim's experiences and knowledge.

Jig-and-Pig for Pike - By Tim Mead - Most fishermen automatically think bass if the discussion centers around using a jig-and-pig and rightfully so; however, don't let that thinking limit your use of this deadly combination.   Tim talks about a pike fishing trip where using the jig-and-pig combination saved the day.   As always, Tim passes along knowledge in an easy to read format.

Giant Muskies of the Ottawa River - By Tim Mead - The Ottawa River is famous among musky anglers for producting some huge fish.  Tim Mead discusses a trip he made to this legendary place fishing with guide Marc Thorpe and his friend Walt Sapronov. A good read.

Pike Biology - By Tim Mead - Tim Mead discusses what traits make up a pike, as well as providing seasonal information to make finding and catching a good pike easier.   I believe that you will enjoy and find this article most interesting

Cabin Fever Muskies - By Tim Mead - Musky anglers are always chomping at the bit waiting for opening day of musky fishing.   Tim Mead discusses an early season alternative to the cabin fever musky anglers feel, that being Cave Run Lake in Kentucky.   Tim discusses a musky fishing trip to that location with his guide, Justin Mullins.   The article is full of great information as well as just a good read, so give it a look.

Stickbait Pike - By Tim Mead - Stickbaits have been a favorite among pike anglers for a long time because they work.  Tim Mead takes a close look and at the various kinds and relates some of his experiencess using this great lure type.

Dutch Monster Fishing - By Uli Beyer - Uli Beyer blows the minds of the pike fishing community with a phenomenal catch of 2 huge 40 pound plus pike in just 2 1/2 days, plus 8 others over 20 pounds.   Uli ahares his story and a lot of pictures from this accomplishment.  A great read and plenty of big fish photos that are guaranteed to impress anyone.

Secrets of Successful Fighting Muskies and Trophy Pike: Or Why the Big One Got Away - By Tim Mead - Why is it that some people catch the big fish and others seem to always loose them?  Tim Mead gives some insight that might put you in the former column rather that the latter.

Northern Pike on Surface Lures - By Tim Mead - This article describes taking pike on surface lures.  Tim discusses prime top-water locations, bait types and other equipment.  In addition the article describers various trips Tim has taken where top-water was the preferred pattern.

Not Just Esox - By Gordy Johnson - Even an avid musky nut sometimes needs to take a break and fish for something a little different.   This article highlights a fly-in trip I took into an outpost cabin on Loonhaunt Lake in Northwest Ontario in 2010.   In addition to talking about fishing and accomodations, the article gives some good tips for anybody contemplating a fly-in trip to an outpost cabin.    Hopefully the article will help to inspire you or make you more confident about doing a fly-in.

Monster Musky Madness - By Mark R. Towne - This article describes the efforts of Mark and Kelly Towne, two brothers who caught three muskies over 50 inches in a five days.   The article describes the planning, the equipment, and the experience that goes along with such a feat.   If you fish muskies or any big fish for that matter, you'll enjoy the article.

My Lady, Isle Royale - By Zach Heiden - Zach Heiden a.k.a. Ogie has provide the site with an article on Isle Royal. Zach is a kayak/canoe enthusiast that enjoys the outdoors and he relates the fun and headaches that go along with a canoeing trip back into pristine Isle Royal.

My Versatile Go To Lure - By Gordy Johnson - Over the years I have used a lot of different lures in my pursuit of pike and musky, but very few have consistently proved to be versatile and capable of putting fish in the boat in a variety of situations.   One rare exception is the Suick.   The article explains the benefits and versatility of this phenomenal lure.

Pike the Scandinavian Way - By Morten Edvars - It is always interesting to read and learn how other people and in other countries fish for pike.   While the objective is the same, i.e. catching big pike, the subtleties of the methodology and approach does vary.   As the name of the article states, this is the way that pike fishing is done in Scandinavia.

Someday! - By Bill Lemke - Bill Lemke has been chasing the elusive musky over 45" for his whole life.   Like with most fishermen think, luck always seemed to happen to the other guy.   Opening day of the 2010 Wisconsin fishing season Bill found out what it is like to be that other guy.   A happy fisherman no doubt, but one that has now raised the bar to the next level.   A good and enjoyable read in which all fishermen can identify with.

Muskies in Dark Water and Wood - By Jim Munday - Jim talks about fishing dark water and wood to catch his musky's, a different choice for those who only fish clear water lakes.  Good tips and tricks for this environment.

Are Spoons The Best Pike Bait? - By Tim Mead - Spoons have long been a favorite among pike hunters for as long as I can remember. Tim gives us a in-depth study on physics of this pike favorite and why they work; however while his son agrees on spoons, he does have a problem with his Dad's choice.

Quetico Park, An Outdoorsman's Trip - By Tim Mead - If you are the type of outdoorsmen that likes seclusion, canoeing, camping and living by your own wits, then Quetico is a trip for you.   Tim Mead has been doing trips to Quetico for a quarter of a century and he tells what it takes to do this trip in this interesting article and of course discusses fishing in the process. A really interesting and informative read.

Pike-seducers: Big softbaits and their rigs - By Uli Beyer - Uli Beyer is an expert pike fisherman and his favorite bait for monster piker are soft plastics.  Uli gives us the the complete guide to fishing soft plastics from the equipment to actually creating a soft plastic rig.   This is an excellent article on a subject a lot of fishermen will enjoy.

Seven Deadly Sins of Pike Anglers - By Tim Mead - Tim has been fishing for pike for close to sixty years.   During that time Tim has seen a lot of different anglers in a lot of different situations.   History doesn't have to repeat itself and you can learn from others.   Read this article so you don't commit a pike sin.

"Pulling the Trigger" On A Dream Pike Trip - Gary Libberton & Jim Urbanski - Gary and Jim took a pike trip of a life time.  They explain their rational as to why paying big money is all worth it.  Maybe their reasoning will convince you.

Colours under Water - Uli Beyer - Has done a lot of experimenting on how colors are effected by water.  It can make a big difference in your fishing.   Go under the surface with Uli and see for yourself.

Fishing Wood - Gordy Johnson - This is an informative article about how wood comes into play during fishing.  Sometimes when fish are holding tight to cover, it maybe the only shot you have.  This article describes the various wood scenarios, and yes there are several!

Three Steps To A Hot Spot / Trolling, Drifting And Casting - Uli Beyer - Uli Beyer who has written many articles and books on pike fishing, now is giving us the benefit of his knowledge on how to cut big water down to size.   Uli often fishes the Baltic Sea, so he knows big water. Uli offers his knowledge in a concise easy to read article.   It is a must read if you have trouble finding the fish in big water.

Two Part Soft Plastic Lure Molds - Marc Wisniewski - Takes us to the next level in making our own soft plastic baits; After Marc's first great article on creating and using a single part molds to make soft plastic baits, he now will explain how to make and use a two part mold.   His article is a step-by-step description, complete with pictures.   A great read and a great way to save money and to keep you occupied over the long winter.

Tying The Articulated Bunny - Tim Mead - Tim Mead is a professional outdoor writer and an excellent fly fisherman.  Tim shares one of his secrets for tying one of his favorite pike flies - the articulated bunny.  It is a step-by-step article that takes nothing for grant it.  An excellent read for any fly fisherman.

Making Your Own Soft Plastic Lures - Marc Wisniewski - This is a fantastic article doing a step-by-step process of creating and making your own plastic lure.  Where to get the materials, making a proto-type, making a mold, and actually pouring the lure are all covered with excellent pictures. A really great read.

Pike Fishing, English Style - Chris Bishop - A U.K. pike fisherman and officer in the Pike Anglers Club of Great Britain, discusses how pike fishing is accomplished in the U.K. where shore and dead bait fishing have been honed to be effective very effective in catching pike.  It is different than what is done in the U.S.A. that is for sure.

Boat Side Manuevers and Throwbacks - Gordy Johnson - Discusses some common and effective boatside manuevers that induce strikes from followers.   In edition, it includes a discussion on throwback lures to also get fish to strike.

Salty Pike in Europe - Uli Beyer - Tackle shop owner, guide and expert pike fishermen writes how pike can live in salt water and growth to some real monsters.  The Baltic Sea maybe the next big pike spot.  Read Uli's excellent article on the subject.

Walleys, Wind and Flats - Tim Mead discusses how to use the wind and flats for catching walleyes; however the techniques employed can translate easily to pike and musky.  A good read.

Soft Baits For Sharp Teeth - Uli Beyer explains the technique of using soft plastics in fishing for pike.  A very educational piece I am sure you will enjoy.

Nothing But Net - Gordy Johnson discusses a never talked about, but a very vital topic on netting.  This is instructional not only for the person using the net, but them man with the rod as well.  It is a must read.

Irish Pike & Deadbait Rigs - Gerry Hughes provides a detailed look at deadbait rigs used in Ireland and some insight to Irish Pike.

Pike on the Rocks - Bruce Rueben discusses using a fly rod for pike and how to find them on rocks.  It is and interesting ready whether you fish with a fly rod or not.

Insight into U.K. Piking - Dave Horton gives a great overview of the waters and some techniques used by pike fishermen in the United Kingdom.   Interesting!

Post Spawn Muskies - Tim Mead relates some good information on locating and fishing for post spawn muskies.    Tim's story telling abilities and his knowledge of the subject come together to make the article an enjoyable read.

Snowshoe and Dog Sled Adventure, 2007 - Tim Mead does something he has always wanted to do - a snowshoe and dog sled trip. visions of the Iditarod.  Off topic, but good anyway!

Pike on the Fly - Bruce Ruebens discusses equipment, know how and the fun of using a flyrod for pike.   It looks like it pays off!!  A good read for any type of fisherman.

Plastics, Pike and Musky - If you haven't tried several of the various kinds of soft plastics for pike and musky, you are missing out on some tremendous opportunities.

Grey Date Pike - When the weather is turns bad, do you stay off the lake?  Greg Bolinski thinks this might be a perfect day to try a new pattern for some big pike.

Can you buy fishing Success? - A new boat, a new rod and reel or that new bait that just hit the market; Can we buy fishing success? A good read to reflect on our instinctive buying habits and our motives for doing it.  What do you think?

Edges Are Key to Locating Fish - Edges are a key to finding where all animals live, including man.  Fish of all specie are also controlled by edges.  Everyone has heard of structure, but edges are even more.

Catching spring time pike - This is an article that puts together a lot of information that was displayed on the chat board.   The information comes from some really great pike fishermen including Jack Penny, Tim Mead, Greg Bolinski just to name a few.

Good Fishermen, Good Etiquette - Good fishing etiquette / consideration is everyone's responsibility.   There is little doubt that fishermen who employ good etiquette are typically better fishermen and are the type of angler to whom people want to call "fishing partner".

No need for 10,000 casts at Pipestone, Yoke Lakes - Insight into musky fishing from a professional outdoor writer that doesn't fish for them. An enjoyable read and insight.

Lake of the Woods 2005 - This isn't a story of a big fish, but it is a story having making the best of what the lake gives you and having fun.

Perseverance, adaptability and heat - Perseverance, adaptibility and heat go hand in hand with mid-summer fishing. Tom Gonya tells his story under these conditions.

Thinking of Going to Canada???? - If you are thinking of going to Canada, whether for fishing or any other reason, here is some interesting information that you should know before you go!

Pipestone Trip 2005 - This is a complete rundown on the Pipestone 2005 trip.  Tim Mead had a special smallmouth trip by catching 5 muskies during the course of the trip, the biggest being 48 inches.

Eagles and Esox - Tom Gonya describes some of the sights while fishing in the Pocono Mountains, and the connection between the Osprey and the Esox.

The Second Survey Results - This is a summary of the second survey that was conducted on the website.  The answers are always make interesting reading.

I Love To Fish - Kevin Geary writes about how he feels about fishing and why it is important to make it a family adventure.

How To Catch Giant Pike - Kevin Geary tells you how to go about catching giant pike, those over 40 inches.  It is an excellent read.

Fishing from a Guides Perspective - The PCC Method - Pete Stoltman a guide from Northern Wisconsin discusses how a guide and a client should interface. What the client should expect and what the guide expects. An excellent read whether you use a guide or not!

Trying To Explain the Unexplainable - We all have met people that can't understand what you see in fishing.  Pluse we also know people that fish, but have no idea of what it is really about.  This article tries to explain the unexplainable.

Can We Ruin Wilderness Fishing - Tim Mead presents a compelling article that says we are ruining wildness fishing, and we may not even know that it is happening.    It is a great read.

Doing Something Different - I have been hunting muskies to almost the exclusion of all other fish for a lot of years, so when the opportunity arose to try something else, I jumped at it.   Read about my Pipestone adventure.

Wanted Dead or Alive! - Bill Lemke provides a humorous, but insightful look into the use of live or dead bait.   Whether you use live bait, dead bait or something in between, you'll find the article not only entertaining, but useful.

Get Weed Whacking! - There are good spots to fish regardless of where you live.  You just have to adapt your presentation and bait selection to take advantage of these areas.

The Preparation of Trout - This article came to Esoxhunter as a trade from for the use of our article on taking the Y-Bones out of Pike.  It is a great article on how to prepare trout for the time they are caught till you serve them for dinner.

Is Trolling to Boring? - If you are a die-hard caster you might learn some interesting facts on trolling that will put more fish in the boat.

Finding Musky and Pike - Basic information on determining how to find the fish that you are seeking.

Never a Bad Trip - Every trip offers a chance to learn something new, and of course - FUN.

Ploochers, Flippers and Chuckers - Bill Lemke humorously categorizes the a types of mistakes we fishermen make.   It's an article for those that have been there and done that.

Back to Basics - Discussion of how and when to use various rods and reels, as well as how to properly use them.

Going with the Ebb and the Flow - Learn how to make the most of your time on the water.   It is all about the experience and having fun.

Congested Fishing / Conditioned Fish - Learn how to contend with crowded lakes and conditioned fish.

The Ultimate Thrill - Topwater Fishing - Discussion on the do's and don'ts on the most thrilling way to fish.

Visual Object Fishing - There is always more to a lake than what you can see, don't limit yourself!

Fishing Artwork - Please take a look at some great fishing drawings done by twin fourteen year old brothers.

Graphite Mounts? - This article discusses why graphite is by far superior to a skin mount!   If you are ever considering having a fish or memory mounted, this article will help.

Where Do You Begin? - This article contains the necessary information to get you started on fishing any lake.

The Best Fishing Partner - Read about the best fishing partner that you can have, and it may surprise you.

Boat Story - You Decide - The adventures of owning my new boat.   What else can go wrong?

Fishing During theTurnover - Many lakes, especially in the Northern areas of the country experience the phenomena of turnover.   What is it, how do we fish in it?

Instructions for filleting Northern Pike with no Y-bones - This link will take you to instructions on how to step by step fillet and take those Y-bones out of one of the best tasting fish available.

After the Catch - This link will explain the proper way to handle that fish once you get it to the boat and beyond.   This is an important link and would suggest that everyone read it.

How to lift and handle your fish - Contrary to what you might see on television, there are better ways of handling your catch.

Key Spots for Conditioned Fish - John Unsworth, resort owner, and premier fishing guide, on famous Sabaskong Bay, Lake of the Woods, has graciously supplied us with some great insight on how to fish those big fish that have been caught before and are "Fisherman wise".   It is a great article with lots of good and timely information.

Lure Modification - This article discusses weighting your jerk and crankbaits to make easier on you, and to be able to fish deeper with the same baits.

Making the Cut - This is the story of putting 10 pounds into a 5 pound bag, and being competitive about it!!

Fishing accidents, getting the hooks out - This article discusses how to remove a hook that has mistakenly found a human being instead of a fish, and potentially how to avoid this situation to start with.

Esoxhunter Survey Summary - This is a summary of the first survey questions posted on the website. Makes interesting reading.

Penny Wise, Pound Foolish - Many times sportsman pinch pennies in the wrong areas, and the results suffer!!   Don't be one of these guys.


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